Published Articles

Mindy’s articles have appeared in Children’s Writer, SCBWI Bulletin, ALA Booklinks, and The Writer Magazine. Below are a listing of some of Mindy’s non-fiction articles for kids and adults.

“Who is That Under The Bridge: The Fremont Troll”published in Columbia Kids (Article/Middle Grade)
An informative and fun article about the Fremont Troll in Seattle. This article is out of print and Mindy is working on a non-fiction picture book.

“Rachel the Pike Place Market Pig” published in Columbia Kids. (Article/Middle Grade)A great non-fiction article about the Pike Place Market Pig in Seattle. A good article to use for lessons about public art, piggy banks, or Seattle history! This article is out of print. Mindy is working on a non-fiction picture book.

“Marvelous Mosaics: An Interview with Mosaic Artist Rebecca Devere”
Stories for Children E-Zine. March 2008.–A great interview with a Seattle mosaic artist. (Rebecca is no longer practicing mosaics, but this article can be used as a reference for mosaic arts). This article is out of print.

“Ghosts as Characters.”
Kid Writer. Funds for Writers. October 31, 2010.–A fun article about how to write ghosts as character. Great for spooky stories and Halloween lesson ideas!

“Plotting the Teen Romance.”
Writing-World.Com. Summer 2011–An article about how to plot a teen or tween romance on the five stages of love. Good for adults or teens who are writing YA romance

“Seeing from All Sides: Writing Point of View Monologues.”
Teacher Lesson.–This lesson looks at how to see an event from all sides. In the lesson, a “fictional crime” has occurred and a piece of art has been stolen. Each student is going to take on the point of view of one person who the crime affects and write a monologue about their “side.”

ALA Book Links. September 2007.–This article looks at various middle grade and young adult novels which are written in multiple points of view.

Twists and Changes to the YA novel article
The Writer Magazine. November 2006.–An article which explores multiple view points and interviews children’s author Lauren Myracle and Liza Ketchum

“Teaching Josh.” My First Year in the Classroom: 50 Stories That Celebrate the Good, the Bad, and the Most Unforgettable Moments published by Adams Media. What would happen if you walked over the desks on your first day of seventh grade? Find out in this lively personal essay based on Mindy’s first year teaching a seventh grader with a lot of energy.