Short Stories

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“Best Friends”. published by Echook.  (Tween first crush romance)
Thirteen-year-old Samantha and Jamie are NOT a couple. Jamie and Samantha have known each other since they were six-weeks-old. They are best friends.  But, now something is changing and Samantha is not sure how she feels about Jamie. Does she like him as more than friends? Does he like her as more than friends?Will the Valentine’s Day Dance be the place to discover if they might be a couple? This is a companion short story to “I Believe.”

“I Believe” an audio story published by Sniplits  (Tween)-Click on the link for a free download of “I Believe”

Twelve-year-old Samantha has always believed in unicorns, dragons and fairies, but when her new Junior High history teacher says she must put away her childish ideas, Samantha is determined to stand up for her belief in the unseen. This is a companion short story to Best Friends which can be found here.

“Ghost in the Lighthouse” published with the Washington State History Museum’s e-zine,Columbia KidsOut of Print
(Middle Grade)
Ten-year-old Ann must put aside her fears to banish the ghost in the Point Wilson Lighthouse. This historical fiction story is based on the fact that many Coast Guard watchmen and their families have reported seeing the glowing apparition of a woman in a gown at the Point Wilson Lighthouse in Port Townsend. Many say the ghost is Lucy Washburn, who along with her two daughters and husband was a passenger on The Governor.  On April 1, 1921, the ship ran into the West Hartland.  All but eight people survived the wreck—three of whom where Lucy and her two daughters Sadie, age 8, and Olene, age 10.  There have been various attempts to pull up the ship’s valuables, including its’ safe which is rumored to have large pieces of gold in it. No one has been successful in finding the safe and it is still located 240-feet under the waters surrounding the Point Wilson lighthouse.

The Ghost in the Batting Cage. Published in Scream Anthology. Bridgehouse. UK.
Seventeen-year old Greg is afraid to go home because his step-father wants to kill him. While hiding in the high school batting cage, Greg meets ghost, Angelina. Soon, Greg finds himself falling in love with Angelina. But, Angelina has only one wish–to play baseball. And, in order to grant Angelina her wish, Greg must tell the truth. Can Greg risk telling the truth? This fast-paced paranormal, romantic short story will appeal to teens and those who enjoy romantic ghost stories.

“Hurricanes” Summer Shorts published by Blooming Tree Press (Middle Grade)
Mindy’s first published short story. The first summer after Jen’s parent’s divorce, Jen and her brother visit their father who is living in Virginia Beach. A hurricane brews off shore. The day before the category one storm hits, Aunt Celia takes Jen and Greg to the beach where they swim in the high waves caused by the off shore hurricane winds. Jen confesses her grief and how much she misses her Dad and his love of adventure.The next day, Dad takes them to the beach to see the storm moving onto shore. Although Greg won’t get out of the car, Jen hops out with Dad. As they stand together in the wind, Jen realizes she shares Dad’s love of adventure and although he may not live with them anymore, she carries his spirit with her. The story is based on Mindy’s real life experience and is a great story for young readers ages 8-12.

“Jack Frost” First Place in the Jack Frost Short Story Writing Contest sponsored by Seattle SCBWI. (Pre-K)