ISBN: 978-0692393-05-5
April 2015
Eagle Bay Press
Twelve-year-old Jasmine wants to be an artist. But, can she escape the shadow of her artistic Father to discover her own path as a glass artist?



MeeGenius Publishing
Picture Book Ap.
March 25,2014


Jesse is excited to go to the beach with his family and wants to find a glass float hidden along the shoreline. But, when both Dad and sister find a float, Jesse turns up empty handed. It will take a fall wind storm for Jesse to discover sometimes the best floats are found in unexpected ways.



ISBN: 978-0692425-63-3
Eagle Bay Press

He loves magic. She loves romance. Can illusions be shattered without disastrous consequences?



ISBN: 978-149541-327-8
February 2, 2014
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These six, sweet contemporary romance novellas will delight your heart at Valentine’s Day, sweeten hot summer days, banish Halloween ghosts and goblins and warm your soul during the holidays.